All files here, including this page, can be cryptographically verified against
my identites as seen on keybase. For on-device integrity verification, access 
these files from the kbfs at /keybase/public/stonegray/.



- pgp public key: [link] [copy]

- ephemeral-ssh-ed25519.txt: [download] [copy]

- ephemeral-ssh-rsa.txt: [download] [copy]

- ephemeral-ssh-bundle.txt: [link] [copy] 

My PGP identity is available on these additional sources:

- [link]
- [link]

Emergency Identity Verification:

I will release a file matching both of the following fingerprints, similar to a 
committed identity.

- SHA256: cd77be9893af0d5c24e9ec6dcb157ebffc920b46a6b5246127a21578efcb06c3
- SHA512: e2fbab27a12e462ff8491e24d268d6a6b8a3a12e490984c77898b96992d367b4